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Our divesites are differentiated in four different zones. The prices vary with the zone. All of our divesites are accessible by car. We will pick you up from your accommodation in Canico.

1. BLUE HOLE (Zone 1)

Blue Hole.jpg

One of the most beautiful spots in Madeira!

Every diver will love this place. The entrance of the tunnel starts at 8 meters depth and ends at 18 meters. At the end of the tunnel huge schools of fish will wait for you,

Also you will find here our Congeel and if you are lucky you will be able to meet the monk seal.

Blue Hole Fischschwarm.jpg

2. REIS MAGOS (Zone 1)


The topspot for our photo- and videographers!

The spot is located at the public beach of Reis Magos. Along the walls you will find frog fish, seahorses, octopus, mooray eels, and los of tropical fish like Parrotfish, triggerfish, baracudas and many more. 

3. MOORAY REEF (Zone 1)


This spot also benefits from the pleasant entrance at the beach of Reis Magos. We find here a steep wall that extends to a depth of 19 meters. Various species of moray eels can be found here. Some individuals we already know for years. Barracuda schools and large stingrays are also often sighted here.

4. GARAJAU (Zone 2)


The Topspot in the nationalpark!

Gigantic rocks lying on top of each, other form caves and represent the ideal shelter for our house reef inhabitants.

The main attraction are our 1.5 meter long, tame groupers who have had their territory here for many years. In addition, large schools of fish are constant companions.

Big amber mackerels and barracudas make their rounds in the open water.


5. 3 MARIAS MACHICO (Zone 2)


Here are three pyramids that rise from a depth of 20 meters to above the water surface. Often the large amberjack can be seen hunting here. The dive site has almost tropical character, because on the rocks and overhangs live yellow crust anemones, black corals and club anemones. 


A special highlight of the dive site is a small tunnel in which a rare tree coral (Dendrophyllia ramea) grows (see photo above).

6. PEDRA D'EIRA (Zone 3)


Very nice steep wall with many overhangs and small tunnels. Congera eels and large bear crabs are often found here. Also club anemones can be found in different colors. Macro lovers will be happy at this dive site. Sand eels can also be seen on the sandy areas. The maximum depth is 22 meters.



An easy dive that extends from 5 meters to 18 meters depth. Numerous damselfish and wrasses cavort here and also East Atlantic arrow crabs are not uncommon. The entrance is next to the harbor with a rocky bottom. The dive then extends down to a wide sandy area where, with a little luck, butterfly rays can be found. But the spot also attracts common gray stingrays. There is also a small archway with a mini cave where we can observe anemones, hinge beak shrimp and scissor shrimp.

8. ILHÉU MOLE (Zone 4)


Our latest top spot: Under an offshore island is a 50-meter-long cave that has two chimneys at its end with holes in the rock that open upward. Inside the cave are large stingrays, sea spiders, sponges and anemones. Outside the cave, amberjack, large grouper, barracuda, whitefish and whiting can be seen.

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