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Housereef Canico

At our housereef we have 8 different diving spots that you can dive just from shore.

1. Cathedral-Reef


The Topspot for our fotographers!

The spot is located directly in fron of the diving center. Along walls you will find frog fishes, seahorses, octopus, murines, and los of tropical fish like Parrotfish,triggerfish, baracudas and many more.


Blue Hole.jpg

One of the most beautiful spots in Madeira!

Every diver will love this place. The entrance of the tunnel starts at 8 meters and end at 18 meters. At the end of the tunnel huge fishswarms will wait for you,

Also you will find here our Congeal and if you are lucky you will be able to meet the monk seal.

3. Drift Dive

Blue Hole Fischschwarm.jpg

The entry is located on the western end of the promenade and the exit just in front of the diving center.

You can drift without any effort and enjoy the beautiful underwaterworld with lots of walls and canyons and meet our nice housereefpopulation.

4. Canyon-Reef


Topographically one of the most beautiful spots at the Housereef. Dive through canyons which begin at 20 Meters and go until 3 meters.

All 4 murinespecies from Madeira live here. Also there is a big cleaningstation of  tropical fish which is always a nice experience to look at. You will find Parrotfish, Trumpetfish and lots more.

Boat Dives

We go to 5 other diving spots with our boat. Here you sind some descriptions:




The Topspot in the nationalpark!

Gigantic rocks lying on top of each, other form caves and represent the ideal shelter for our house reef inhabitants.

The main attraction are our 1.5m tame groupers that have had their territory here for many years. In addition, large schools of fish are constant companions.

Big amber mackerels and barracudas make their rounds in the open water.



A cave is easily accessed during your dive as there are no diversions and the exit is visible at all times.

The cave has a length of approx. 50m and the entrance area lies at a depth of only 12m.

​This depth is also the maximum depth of this dive. At the end you will find a large air-dome in which you can dive up out of the water.

The cave inhabitants include, among others: Canarian lobsterettes, various species of prawns, forkbeards and slipper lobsters. Once in a while you can witness a large monk seal.

6. T-Reef


The T-reef consists of two 30m high pyramids that are overgrown with Yellow Cluster Anemones. Shoals of triggerfish and schools of barracudas make their rounds in this area.Another attraction is the appearance of the four moray species of Madeira. With a bit of luck, you will meet stingrays that glide through the water or lie motionless in the sand.

The highest point lies at 11m and is ideal for coming to the service.



Depending on weather conditions we also go to different diving spots at the east side of the island (Canical) or to the desert islands.



Brand new in Madeira, the Corveta Afonso Cerqueira. A breathtaking wreck at depths of 14-32 meters. Especially for scuba divers it is the new attraction!

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